By becoming a Krysaliis retailer, you are able to sell products and have an account with Krysaliis directly. Krysaliis is a USA based company, and has been selling to stores across USA and online for over 10 years now.

 By becoming a retailer, Krysaliis takes care of all your needs to support your customers. Orders are shipped out in 24-48 hours, unless they are large quantity orders and have to be put into production.

There is a personal sales rep taking care of every retailers orders, questions and concerns. Krysaliis makes it as easy as possible to sell their products.

 Becoming a Krysaliis retailer offers your customers a range of sterling silver gifts at the most affordable prices and fine quality. The packaging is personalized to gift and every retailer received their product in the Krysaliis branded packaging.

 Fill out the “Open an account” form to get started. A sales rep will be in touch after approval.