Why Engraved Silver Baby Cups are perfect for the Baby’s First Christmas

Why Engraved Silver Baby Cups are perfect for the Baby’s First Christmas

Who doesn’t love showering newborn babies with love and presents? Treating newborn babies with loads of love and gifts is so exciting for all of us. But we all get stuck at some point while choosing a gift for a newborn baby.

Toddlers and young children can be given toys of their choice, but what about those who have not yet completed 1-years of age? For ages, one of the most popular gifts for newborns has been sterling silver cups.

Allow us to narrate the story of the historical significance of bestowing young ones with sterling silver engraved cups and why they are still a perfect choice.

Historical Significance of Gifting Engraved Silver Baby Cups

Babies have been getting sterling silver items for their naming ceremony, Christmas, and other special occasions. This culture started in Europe during the 18th century. This culture of gifting sterling silver for welcoming a newborn got popular because silver was seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

It was this culture of gifting silver that became the reason for the old saying ‘born with a silver spoon in mouth. People believed that presenting silver to a newborn would bless them with wealth and abundance their entire life.

The common gift items of sterling silver included engraved silver cups, rattles, and spoons. The baby cups gained more popularity over others due to practical reasons. It is a household item that is actually useful for the baby.

In addition to silver being the symbol of wealth, baby cups became the symbol of nourishment and health. It is believed that by gifting a silver baby cup, you wish for the baby's wealth, prosperity, health, and nourishment.

Further, these silver gift items were seen as something that could be passed to coming generations, thus creating an heirloom.

Why Engraved Silver Baby Cups are the Best Gift for the First Christmas of a Newborn

Choosing a Christmas gift for a newborn baby can be tricky. You can get hundreds and thousands of options when you search for a gift online. But we still suggest sticking to the classic tradition of gifting sterling silver. Here’s why –

  • A silver baby cup will be a long-lasting thing. It can be passed to generations, unlike any modern toys or gift items you can purchase.
  • Gifting an engraved silver cup will make the first Christmas memorable for the child. When all her old toys and dress become useless, your silver cup will still be there as a token of a special occasion – the child’s first Christmas.
  • According to the old tradition and belief, you’ll bless the child with wealth, prosperity, and abundance for her entire life by gifting a silver cup.
  • Personalizing the silver cup by getting the name, date, or initials of the baby engraved will make this gift extra special. The child will surely relish the gift her entire life and may pass it to the next generation as her memory.
  • A baby cup will be useful in feeding the baby. Some ancient traditions also believe feeding a baby with silver utensils is good for building strong immunity and metabolism. Before the advent of steel, silver was one of the most commonly used metals for feeding utensils, especially for small kids.

Considering all these reasons,engraved silver baby cups can be the perfect choice for a baby’s first Christmas present.

Choosing and Personalizing a Silver Baby Cup

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do babies get silver cups?

The tradition of gifting silver baby cups has continued since the Victorian age. Silver is a metal considered valuable; hence the gift is considered valuable. It is also believed that metal attracts wealth and abundance in the baby’s life.

Do people still give silver baby cups?

Yes, of course. Gifting silver baby cups is a tradition that is still very popular. People present engraved silver baby cups on the occasion of christening and any first occasion of a baby, like their first Christmas.

Is it good luck to give a baby silver?

Gifting silver to a baby is considered lucky if you believe in tradition. Silver has been seen as a symbol of wealth, and it is believed that gifting silver attracts wealth in the baby's life for her entire life. It is said that when you gift silver to a child, you gift them a piece of future health and wealth you desire for the child.

How can I tell if my silver cups are real?

There are various ways to check if you got a real or fake silver item. If you want to check whether the silver cup you bought is real, just put a drop of bleach on the cup. Real silver gets tarnished when exposed to oxidation chemicals like bleach. It is real if your silver item turns black after coming in contact with bleach.