Quick Guide to Preserve Grandparents Favourite Heirloom

Quick Guide to Preserve Grandparents Favourite Heirloom

The heirloom silverware has made an impressive comeback in the past few years. They have been part of the dinner table for generations and have quite a significance and nostalgia associated with them. Some of these silverware are passed from one generation to other to show the love, care, and remembrance of your loved ones. Many times we see that these beautiful pieces are made up of sterling silver. Sterling silver is different from regular silver as it contains 92.5% alloy of silver combined with 7.5% weight of other metals, which is usually copper. It would be best to make sure that the silverware you are buying is sterling silver and not any cheaper metal that is silver plated. 

Tips to look after silverware

The intricately decorated silverware requires proper care and handling so that you can cherish them forever. There are some tips to spot silver sterling from the fake ones. Always trust genuine and certified sellers while making a purchase. You need to look for the 925 stamp, which is known as a hallmark. If any piece is missing this mark, it means that it is not sterling silver. Any piece which will be silver plated will be gleaming with a cold, white glow. The real silver has a warmer glow alongside a slight golden hue. You will never want the shine of your sterling silver to fade away, so keeping few things in mind will help. Do not let tarnish turn you off from your silver. All silvers react to the sulphur in the air, so it is good to store them away when not in use. You are required to do some regular cleaning of the piece as it will retain its grace. Many people tend to use toothpaste to make the paste that clean their piece, but using it may scratch the silver. Instead, try using baking soda to make a paste or solution.

Significance of Silverware in Families

Most people have silverware that reminds them of their family’s history. It just brings back those moments when your parents or grandparents have shared them with you. These family heirlooms are passed down by family members to their next generation in remembrance of the love and care that they share with you. By giving them a little time and careful handling, you will be able to restore the lustre of your silverware. It is essential to remove dust or any oil residue from your silver as it can lead metal to damage. To appreciate your silver in the best possible way we use it but it is important to take care of this beautiful piece that will last in your family for generations. Avoid wrapping your silver in plastic wrap as it causes irreversible pitting in your heirloom. If your silverware or sterling cup came in contact with coffee, tea, sugar, or any high sulphur food, it leads to staining and even pitting, which further speeds up the tarnish. Wash your silver pieces on time but never wash them in a dishwasher. You need to empty the salt shakers once used and clean the teapots with a cotton cloth and a small amount of silver polish.

It is important to store your silver in a silver care cloth as it absorbs the tarnish producing gases. It also comes in bags or as a liner for flatware storage trays. You can also make your own silver roll. It is important to note that keeping your sterling silver clean is only possible if you maintain a balance of regular at-home care.


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