Perfect personalized gifts for him!!!

Perfect personalized gifts for him!!!

Did you know that a survey by Survey Monkey found out that around 79% of recipients return at least some of their holiday gifts?

Crazy, isn’t it?

Do you want the same to happen with your gifts? Well, don’t worry. We have a perfect list of gifts that you can gift him to make him cheer and show your love to him without saying even a word. You can find a plethora of gifts to gift a woman, but the list is scarcer when it comes to men. Therefore, we would always recommend you to gift him a personalized gift as there is nothing that can beat a personalized gift. And did you know that the market for personalized gifts is expected to reach $31.63 billion by 2021? This humongous size is an indication of how big this market has become. So, let us explore some of the best-personalized gifts for him.

Classic Gifts

Sterling Silver Curve Letter Opener

-Best in Design – 

Who can even dare to leave this gift out of a list of best gifts for him?

This is an extremely beautiful gift you can gift him on his birthday or any other occasion. It is finely polished sterling silver designed to grab everyone’s attention. It generally comes in different sizes, 7’’ being the most common one. It is suitable for men of every age group. 

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Sterling Silver Keychain

“  -    A Statement of Style -     ”

This is the perfect gift when you want to gift someone who loves style. A perfect combination of elegant design and style statement blended with the luster of silver, it forms a perfect gift for him. You can even engrave his name, initials, date of birth, etc., on this key chain to make this key chain personalized. These sterling silver key chains are available in many different shapes. Some of them are:


  • Sterling Silver Round Keychain
  • Sterling Silver Oval Keychain
  • Sterling Silver Rectangle Keychain
  • Sterling Silver Round Enamel Keychain

Where to buy it?

It would be better if you buy these kinds of gifts from a reputed place that can assure you the quality of the product. All Silver Gifts have been in this business for a long time now to understand all your needs and serve you accordingly. If you order Sterling Silver Keychain from All Silver Gifts, then you will also get:

    • A Krysaliis gift box with a ribbon
    • A flannel pouch for the product
  • An Authenticity and Care Card
    • A mini Polishing Cloth

    Traditional Gifts

    Sterling Silver Rope Cufflink

    What? You say gifts and forgot these? Not fair!!!!

    Well, what better to gift him than a cufflink on his special day? You can get an idea about the importance of these products just by looking at their product page on any website. Most of the time, these cufflinks are sold out in just a matter of few days after getting listed on shopping websites. These cufflinks are also available in different shapes. Some of them are:

    • Sterling Silver Rope Square Cufflink 
    • Sterling Silver Rope Round Cufflink 
    • Sterling Silver Rope Oval Cufflink 

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    Sterling Silver Stripe Money Clip 

    This gift depicts your trust in his future. This is a perfect gift for a college graduate who just passed, as it will emotionally motivate him to do better in life. Moreover, it is a style statement too. It is a classy product suitable for every man. Its fine matte finish will grab everyone’s attention

    • Sterling Silver Black Enamel Stripe Money Clip 
    • Sterling Silver Sleek Enamel Money Clip 
    • Sterling Silver Oval Engravable Money Clip 
    • Sterling Silver Blue Enamel Stripe Money Clip 

    You can buy these gifts from here.

    Now, after reading about all of these beautiful gifts, don’t you think that the market cap of personalized gifts should be as high as $31.63 billion? Crazy, isn’t it?

    Concluding Note:

    Personalized gifts speak for themselves, especially when they are made up of silver. According to an article by NY Post, 55% of people keep personalized gifts a lot longer than traditional store-bought gifts. Adding a sense of personalization to your gifts adds to the care and love you hold for your loved one. So, next time when you are thinking of gifting him something, visit All Silver Gifts to find him a perfect gift. And not just for him, All Silver Gifts offers a wide range of Sterling Silver products with world-class customer service and assured quality of silver. 

    Hope you gift him a better gift this year; till then,

    Stay Safe and Keep Smiling!!!