Krysaliis Sterling Silver Cufflinks: Great for Men and Women!

Krysaliis Sterling Silver Cufflinks: Great for Men and Women!

Cufflinks are one of the most trending accessories for a modern look. With the growing trend, cufflinks are getting transformed in many ways. Traditionally, cufflinks were seen as an accessory for men to be worn with their formal attire. In today’s modern time, cufflinks have become part of formal and casual attire. Interestingly, women are also flaunting cufflinks on their sleeves. Gone are the days when cufflinks were considered an accessory suitable only for men. 

In this write-up, we are discussing versatile Krysaliis sterling silver cufflinks for men and women.

Different Designs of Krysaliis Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Cufflinks are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles. When you go for Krysaliis sterling silver cufflinks, you will be spoilt for choices. Allow us to introduce you to the various designs available with Krysaliis. With the long list of designs available, everyone can get a pair of cufflinks that suits their liking and the occasion.  

Rectangle Edged Sterling Silver Cufflink

The rectangle-shaped edgy design is popular among men to wear with their formal outfits. The design makes it easy to fasten and secure even with one hand. You can personalize this sophisticated piece of sterling silver cufflink by Krysaliis with initials engravings.

Classic Oval Sterling Silver Cufflinks

The classic oval design of cufflinks makes them ideal for lovers of simplicity. With these simple yet elegant oval-shaped cufflinks, you can give any formal and informal attire an excellent touch-up. Krysaliis offer customization of these cufflinks too.

Classic Round Sterling Silver Cufflinks

The classic round-shaped sterling silver cufflinks by Krysaliis are elegantly compelling. The minimalist design and fine craftsmanship make it an amazing addition to modern men's wardrobes. It is suitable for any formal occasion or when one must dress to impress.

Checked Textured Sterling Silver Cufflinks

The textured design of these sterling silver cufflinks makes them supremely unique. The fine details and sleek finish make it a good addition to men's and women's wardrobes. They can add a luxurious charm to any attire, be it formal or informal.

Rope Round Sterling Silver Cufflinks

The edges with rope design give these cufflinks a sophisticated look. One can transform their simple-looking attire into an amazingly fashionable dress with the rope round sterling silver cufflink, which exemplifies a fusion of classic design and contemporary styling. 

Cube Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Cube-shaped sterling silver cufflinks are a timeless accessory. They provide a high-end fashionable look to any dressing for men and women. The soft edges of the cube make it visually appealing. They are appropriate for all occasions and all genders.

Tangled Sterling Silver Cufflinks

The tangled sterling silver cufflink is a very eye-catching design. This contemporary design cufflink gives the wearer a stylish and modish look with any formal wear. Although best suited for men, women can also transform the look of their dresses by putting these sterling silver cufflinks on their sleeves.

Classic Square Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Crafted with pristine sterling silver, the classic square-shaped cufflink can add a touch of class to any outfit. The square shape gives it a masculine look, thus making it perfect for any man’s wardrobe. They can be personalized with initials engraved in three different designs.

Soft Curve Sterling Silver Cufflinks

This, again, is a style that adds a luxurious look to any outfit. It is a fine blend of classic shape and contemporary design. Wear it on any occasion to enhance the look of an outfit effortlessly. 

Tips on Wearing a Cufflink

If you are new to wearing cufflinks, putting on your chosen sterling silver cufflink with your favorite formal attire may feel overwhelming. Let us provide you with a step-by-step guide on putting on your cufflink. 

Step 1: Put on the correct shirt

You must know that cufflinks look their best on a few unique shirts. The first choice should be a French-cuff shirt with a double cuff that folds back. You can also put cufflinks with a single-cuff shirt with two overlapping edges.

Step 2: Check the buttonholes on your shirt

You have to check the buttonholes on the cuffs of your shirt. Tuxedo or dress shirts have two buttonholes – one on the wrist and one on the inside between two buttons. You need to thread your cufflinks between these two holes.  

Step 3: Close the clasp of the cufflink

To keep the cufflink secured in its place, you need to close the clasp of the cufflink. When extended and locked in properly, cufflinks typically take a T-shape. 

Step 4: Hold the cuffs together and secure the cufflink

Once you have threaded the cufflinks through the two buttonholes, you have to secure the edges of the cufflink. Different styles of cufflinks may have different ways of securing them. 

If you are starting to wear cufflinks and they are yet to be your style statement, you should start with simple ones. Sterling silver engraved cufflinks might feel more attractive, but starting with a simple design is essential to make you feel comfortable. Starting with a simple design will help you discover your style statement regarding cufflinks.

Final Words

Cufflinks come in various shapes, sizes, and colors for different occasions. They can enhance the look of your dress effortlessly. But, if you are buying sterling silver cufflinks, you should also know how to take care of them. You can easily maintain the brightness, look and feel of your sterling silver engraved cufflinks by cleaning them with a mild soap and water solution and storing them after patting them dry with a soft cloth. Sterling silver cufflinks need to be taken care of like any other piece of sterling silver jewelry.